Framework based architecture

HarmonyCMS is built in PHP on top of the popular Symfony 4 framework and use it's full-stack components. This framework includes all of the tools and classes that are necessary for building quality websites and applications.


With the help of the Translations component from Symfony HarmonyCMS can be translated with all the languages in the world. Currently supporting English only, any help for translation is welcomed!

Install wizard

To install HarmonyCMS you will use Composer and if you're comfortable in a shell, it's even easier. We developed a Composer plugin named HarmonyFlex to provide installation of your project, packages, themes and extensions.


HarmonyCMS is bundled with Doctrine DBAL and Doctrine ORM to interact with your database server. HarmonyCMS is compatible among others with MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL, ...

Powerful API

As a developer, you will get access to a powerful API to build easily themes, extensions and translations for your website and to shared them with the complete HarmonyCMS community.

Docker Ready

For experienced users we provide a Docker ready environment including all development tools a HarmonyCMS developer would need to run properly an instance of the CMS but also to be able to create packages, themes, extensions and translations.

Extensible platform

With HarmonyCMS, you can create any type of website you want: a personal blog or website, a business website, a professional portfolio, even an API. You will be able to build your website by choosing all the elements you need at your disposal!
But don't worry we cover that part for you! You will find all your need in our Marketplace and you will find some tools to help you build with success your project.

Simple modern template engine

Based on Twig for its templates: an elegant, flexible and concise templating language that allows you to write templates the way you want. You don't have to know PHP or know how databases work in order to get whatever content you need from the backend.

Theme system

With the help of the Symfony community we developed a theme bundle to manage the design of your website the simple as possible. HarmonyCMS comes bundled with a default theme, but if is not for you you can find more in the Marketplace to create a beautiful website.