A Symfony content management system

Free, open-source, self-hosted platform based on Symfony 4 framework.

How it works

Framework based architecture

HarmonyCMS is built in PHP on top of the popular Symfony 4 framework and use it's full-stack components.

Install wizard

To install HarmonyCMS we developed a tool named HarmonyFlex to provide installation of your project including extensions, packages, themes and translations.

Supported databases

HarmonyCMS is bundled with Doctrine to interact with your database server. It is compatible with SQL and No-SQL databases.

Harmony Projects

With the feature Project, we provide to every single end user a simple way to reflects which application they are trying to build. It used to bind add-ons to take advantage of automatic updates, along with easy installation and team collaboration.

Project works by connecting the end user to is account. It consist of a secure two-way communication between Harmony Platform and the installed application, giving to the end user an all-in-one interface to view and manage is own installed application directly from the Harmony Platform website.

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