How it works

Our solution brings together the following 4 ideas
to make the end user experience as simple as possible.

Step 1

Create a free account

First of all, to be able to perform some action to the HarmonyCMS platform, you must register to a free account. This account will also allow you to be authenticated through our own network to do some interactions between the HarmonyCMS Platform and the project you built who is deployed on your server.

Sign up
Step 2

Create new project

This Content Management System doens't works like other CMSs, to be able to install it on your server, you need to create a project on the HarmonyCMS Platform interface. This project will reflect the application you want to build, using the Bundle system of Symfony. Each project is identified by an unique ProjectID used to deploy your application easily as possible to your own server.

Add project
Step 3

Bind extensions, packages, themes and translations

HarmonyCMS Platform provides different kinds of addons: extensions, packages, themes and translations who can be found through our Marketplace location. This addons can directly be binded to your project, from the Marketplace interface.

Explore marketplace
Step 4

Deploy using HarmonyFlex

Based on Symfony Flex, HarmonyFlex is the way to install and manage your HarmonyCMS project.
HarmonyFlex is a tool to automates installation, configuration, deployment of addons (extensions, packages, themes and translations) and other Composer dependencies.

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